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Car Scratch Repair Paste

Car Scratch Repair Paste

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Are you tired of having to deal with unsightly scratches and scuffs on your car's exterior?

Don't be afraid of car scratches anymore! ! The car repair paste is the perfect solution for you. With this black technology, you can repair scratches yourself in seconds and make your car look like new again!This revolutionary product is designed to help you quickly and easily repair minor scratches, chips, and scuffs on your car's exterior.

Key Features

Convenient: The cream is easy to apply and requires no special tools or skills. Simply apply the product with a cloth or sponge for long-lasting, effective results.

Works on All Types of Paint: It can be used on all types of paint, including metallic and pearlescent paints.

Special Blend: It is formulated with a special blend of waxes and paint repair particles that penetrate deep into the paint to fill in scratches and scuffs.

Enhance gloss: It will provide superior protection for your car's paint job, shielding it from the elements and other contaminants and ensuring that your car looks like new for years to come.

No harm to the original paint: Its formula is gentle and safe. It can quickly and effectively remove scratches without harming the original paint surface.


Net Content: 120ML

Function: Paint repair

Package Includes

1* Car Scratch Repair Paste+ Sponge + Thick towel


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