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Self Adhesive Waterproof Caulk Tape (WHITE)

Self Adhesive Waterproof Caulk Tape (WHITE)

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✨Level Up Your Caulking Technique!!✨

Seal your leaking problems at home! Our Self Adhesive Waterproof Caulk Tape has superior caulking ability, forming a tight seal on all angles, definitely transforming your home with a brand new fill.

Comes in various colors, this durable tape perfectly matches your home interiors and fixtures. 

Equipped with extremely strong adhesion, it clings easily on any surface, making your caulking smooth and easy.

Made from high quality material, this provides a long lasting remedy to your home problems. 


  • Various Shades - comes in numerous colors to suit your home interiors and fixtures, making a great combination.
  • Strong Adhesion - features stronger stickiness that clings easily on any surface, making your caulking job easier and faster. 
  • Long Lasting Seal - provides a professional finished look, definitely keeps your bathroom and kitchen area clean and tidy as new!
  • Wide Application - seals the gaps between walls, stoves, sinks and alot more creating a lasting remedy on your home problems.
  • Easy to Use - simply strip off the tape and stick onto your desired surface. No heavy tools needed to get it done!


  • Material: PVC 
  • Colors: White .
  • Width: 3.8 cm
  • Length: 3.2 m


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