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✨【Buy 1 Get 1 Free】🚗Car Wheel Cleaner✨

✨【Buy 1 Get 1 Free】🚗Car Wheel Cleaner✨

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The best solution to keep your vehicle's discs sparkling clean!

This highly effective and efficient product has been specially developed to remove stubborn dirt, rust and brake dust, leaving wheels sparkling clean.

 Say goodbye to time-consuming wheel scrubbing. Thanks to our car wheel cleaner, cleaning the wheels is easy and hassle-free. Its powerful formula penetrates deep into dirt, breaking it down and removing it without damaging the rims.

Functional properties

STRONG CLEANING PREPARATION: Dissolves and removes stubborn brake dust, grease, rust and road dirt and easily restores the shine of wheels.
SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF WHEELS: Suitable for all types of wheels including aluminum, chrome, painted and clear wheels without damaging or corroding them.

EASY TO USE: Simply spray the cleaner onto the wheels, let it sit for a few minutes to loosen dirt, then scrub with a brush or sponge and rinse for a shiny finish.

QUICK RESULTS: Designed for fast wheel cleaning that saves time and effort and delivers flawless results with minimal effort.


Net Weight: 120ml

Weight: 154g

Size: 15 * 4.5cm

Package Includes

1 * Car Wheel Cleaner


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